Saturday, June 14, 2014

Jerusalem United or Divided?

Some of the most important discussions in our class have centered around the subject of Jerusalem. Today the city remains divided along ethnic, religious, cultural, national, and class lines even though to the average tourist the city remains open to all. Through conversations with representatives of Ir Amin and Terrestrial Jerusalem our class was exposed to the realities of oppression and seperation that exist in a city where territory remains under occupation in the eyes of the international community as well as its Palestinian residents. Through site visits and an in class lecture we were exposed to the realities of the city as well as different historical perspectives of Jerusalem. In addition we visited neighborhoods recognized as settlements, in relation to international law, and discussed the living conditions and disparities between Israeli and Palestinian neighborhoods of the city. Facing the stark realities of the city today, our group discussed the potential future of the city in which its residents could live a more fulfilling, peaceful, and potentially egalitarian life free from oppression and violence. 

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