Saturday, June 14, 2014

Golan Heights

As part of our trip to the north of Israel, we travelled to the Golan Heights, Israel's border with Syria. Despite the controversial status of the Golan Heights, which was taken by Israel during the war in 1967,  it's clear that negotiations can't really take place right now because of the civil war that is still raging in Syria. While we were there I heard what could very likely have been some shelling or other type of explosion in the distance and also what sounded like small arms fire. The picture above shows the border between Israel and Syria, and just about 35 miles beyond, past the mountains in the distance, lies Damascus. Unfortunately for Syrian civilians the war there shows no signs of ceasing any time soon, and Israel must keep an ever vigilant eye on the border in order to maintain its own security. The situation is very real for Israel, because of possible spillover of violence. And just a few weeks ago, the very same area from which I took this picture was actually hit by some shells from Syria. The Golan Heights are truly beautiful, but the air is tense with the possibility of conflict.

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