Saturday, June 14, 2014


The other day we visited the holocaust museum here in Jerusalem. Having grown up in Europe, where, from an early age kids are taught about it, I have always been very sensitive to the topic. This museum drove home a few shameful facts:

1. Anti Semitism is very old, and widespread
2. The Nazis modernized antisemitism, and engineered a "final solution" to eliminate jews from the face of the Earth
3. The horrors of the holocaust were experienced by very large parts of the Jewish people. The depth of the trauma is unimaginable
4. After WWII when Jews tried to go back to their homes, or migrate to new places they were denied asylum, help and were persecuted

Even though I disagree with several policies put in place by the state of Israel in regards to its security and foreign policy, I cannot deny the fact that the Jewish people needs a country of its own, one that can provide it with all the protection only a state can afford its people. Hopefully the Palestinians people can achieve that same hope soon.

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